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Beaulieu has some of the best carpets around, and they should since they are the third largest carpet
producing company around the world today. Beaulieu works on both residential and commercial types of
carpets, but they are mostly responsible for making carpet for the home and making sure that their
customers receive a quality product. Under Beaulieu, of course, there are few different brands. Coronet
and Hollytex are the other two brands that they have created.
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With Mohawk Carpet's slogan, "Mohawk makes the room," you would tend to think that Mohawk is
the brand and style to go with. They certainly to have an exceptional product, however, offering
consumers (households and businesses alike) the chance to place a quality type of carpet within their
building. In fact, Mohawk stands behind their carpets so much that they will even give you a twenty
year warranty on stain resistance, fade resistance issues with carpets, an anti-static warranty and
policy, and a twenty year normal wear and tear warranty and policy. If anyone trusts in their product
so much as to give you plenty of warranties to go home with, it definitely is Mohawk!
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One of the things that makes Shaw Carpet stand out from all the rest is the type of carpet that they have
and the amount of it that they have to choose from. Shaw's very own trademark Shawmark material is
another reason to check out Shaw with everything else that they have on hand. Within the Shawmark
section itself, there are twenty different carpets that are available to consumers. But if you don't want to
try their own signature carpet, there are plenty of other styles to choose from. Shaw has a plethora of
options to choose from for carpet choices. There is the Kathy Ireland collection, Philadelphia Mainstreet
collection as well as the Queen Mainstreet collection. Among all their collections, however, there is plenty
of color to go around too. Shaw provides a colorful selection all across the rainbow spectrum, from reds
and oranges all the way down to beiges and violet colors.